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Chapter Seven

“Okay, come on, sit down, everyone.  I’ve invited a special guest today.  Please come in…” Professor Evlematz said politely.  Harry walked in, trying to tame his hair.  He knew it was a futile effort, but he continued to try occasionally, finally giving up when he realized just how ridiculous he looked.
“Everyone, this is Harry Potter.  He’s an Auror for the Ministry of Magic.  Who knows what that is?”

A young girl in the back raised her hand.  She was tiny, and looked frail, with thick glasses and messy strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes behind her glasses.  When she spoke, she spoke in a pronounced Welsh accent.
“An Auror is a dark wizard catcher, the wizarding world law enforcement.”
“Very good, Blagden.  Now, Mr. Potter, could you tell us a little bit about your most recent case?”

“Well, I won’t disturb you with the gory details, but recently, a group of magic users called Wild Mages have begun popping up.  Our best estimates based on the current ages of the oldest amongst them and when they noticed their powers awakening indicates that there may have been Wild Mages for as long as ten years.  

“It’s unknown exactly what causes Wild Magic to appear, but some seem to come by them due to physically traumatic events, and some just sort of begin to develop magic, despite officially being Muggles.  They, yes?” Harry asked, stopping mid-sentence to answer a raised hand.  The one raising it was a tall, lanky kid with a mop of brown hair covering his eyes.
“Are they like wizards, or are they limited in their abilities.”

“They’re limited, if you want to call it that.  I’ve never met a Wild Mage who can use more than one spell…  But they can do that spell without words, wands or motions.  One Wild Mage is highly talented.  He can apparate and disapparate silently.  Another is able to lift and move things, I guess Muggles would call it Teleportation and Telekinesis respectively.  Those are the only spells they can do, but they have more complete control over that one spell than most wizards do.

“Now, recently, we discovered that a certain group of witches and wizards who, for whatever reason…  Maybe they didn’t like the idea of Muggles being able to use magic.  Maybe they were envious of their superior talent with their single spell, but they’ve been hunting Wild Mages.  

“They kidnap them, knock them out, and take them to a secluded area where they were told that they had to survive the hunt, that if they could last for 24 hours while running from the wizards of the group, they would have earned the right to live.  They had permission to call on anyone they liked, but even if the person they called on believed them, that helpful individual would be in danger as well.

“The Auror Department has captured all but a few stragglers.  There are apparently a few who have run from the country.  We’ve alerted other magical governments around the world of the threat they pose, and to be on the lookout for similar circumstances.  But…  Yes?”
“Did you really defeat the Dark Lord on your own?”

“No.  That’s rubbish.  I had the help of my two best friends, and the entirety of the Hogwarts staff, students, and the entire Wizarding world.  I was in a duel with Voldemort, but he ended up killing himself when his killing curse rebounded on him.”
“Did you really become the youngest Seeker in Hogwarts history?” a girl with long blonde hair and green eyes asked.

“Yes.  What does that have to do with my job as an Auror?”
“My brother said you were the captain of the Quidditch team his Seventh Year.”
“Who was your brother?”

“Cormac McLaggen.  I’m Saoirse McLaggen.” Saoirse said.  Harry blanched slightly.
“He told me you were a bit of a prat, but you seem nice enough.” She finished.
“Thanks…  Anyway, any other questions?” Harry asked.

“Is it true you’re dating Luna Lovegood?”
“Um…  Any appropriate questions?” The teacher interjected.  Half the class seemed to groan.  A lot of them seemed to want to ask personal questions.
“Um…  I-is it true that you killed a basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor?” The girl with glasses asked.
“Yes…  It was lucky that I survived that, though.  The basilisk bit me at the same time I was killing it.”

“Wow!” One child in the back row exclaimed.  
“Are there any questions about Mr. Potter’s job?” Professor Evlematz asked.  None of the class raised their hand, suddenly, the small, red haired girl’s hand shot up.
“Yes…  Um…”

“Rhiannon Blagden…  I-is it frightening to face dark wizards every day like you do?”
“A little bit.”
“Have you ever faced a wizard that you couldn’t beat?”
“I’ve met many wizards that I couldn’t beat alone.  But they usually send Aurors out in groups of two or three when they judge that the one we’re trying to catch is too dangerous to fight alone.”

“Wow…  I-I’ve always wanted to start a dueling club at Hogwarts…  Is it true that you had one in your second year?” Rhiannon asked.  Harry nodded.  Where the hell were these kids getting all this information about him? Had Rita Skeeter released another so-called biography about him without him knowing?

“Yeah…  Well, I didn’t start the club.  Professor Lockhart started the club…”
“Gilderoy Lockhart? Was he really as amazing as everyone says he is? He was your professor for an entire year.” A black haired girl whom Harry guessed was in Slytherin based on her scarf.
“I learned a great deal from him.” Harry said.  That much was true.  He learned that you could be famous for a great number of things that you never actually did, and that idol worship was a terrible idea.

“Is it true that you fought Dementors in your third year?” A blonde haired boy asked.  Harry looked to the back of the classroom.
“What is your name?”
“Terrant Godfrey, Hufflepuff…”

“Yes, I did fight Dementors.  It was the most terrifying enemy I’ve ever faced.”
“Even more so than the Dark Lord?” The Slytherin girl interjected.
“What’s your name?” Harry asked.
“Sascha Tobit…” She said politely.

“Okay, Sascha.  Yes, the Dementors are much more frightening than Voldemort.” Harry said, noticing the shiver that affected the class, even the professor.  “Dementors are the very embodiment of fear, and they force you to relive your worst nightmares.  You’ll be lucky if you never have to face them.  They no longer are used to guard Azkaban, so there’s a good chance you won’t.  But, as Alastor Moody used to say ‘constant vigilance’.”

“Who is Alastor Moody?”
“Former Auror for the Ministry.  He lost his life in the Second Wizarding War.”
“Thank you, Mr. Potter.  I’m afraid this class session is over.  Your homework is to read chapter three of the book and write a report on defense against Gnomes.  Due Friday.  Thank you.  Mr. Potter? Do you have the entire day free?”

“Yes…” Harry said politely.  He had a feeling she was going to ask him to stay for all her classes for the day.
“Great.  Maybe you could stay for all of my DADA classes? I think especially the seventh years would benefit from your knowledge.  You have very practical knowledge of defense, and they could ask you questions that few others could answer as well as you.”

“I’d be honored.  Was that your First year class?”
“Yes.  My fourth years will be in next.  Ah, here come the first ones.  Harry looked to the door, and two kids who looked like twins walked in.  They drew Harry’s mind inevitably to Fred and George.  Though these two were girl and boy, they had a sort of synchrony that reminded Harry of Fred and George’s ability to think and act as one when they wanted to.

“Good morning, Professor Evlematz.” The girl said, sitting down.  The boy merely waved, sitting down next to the girl.
“Who’s the black haired man?” The girl asked.

“Ah…  This is Harry Potter…”
“The Harry Potter?” The boy asked, seeming to come out of his shell slightly.
“Yes.  Mr. Potter, these two are Tristan and Gwyn Findlay.” Lydia said politely, gesturing to the two children with dark brown hair and green eyes, and fair complexions.  The girl had oval glasses.  The boy had rectangular glasses.

“We’re in Hufflepuff.” Gwyn said politely.
Maybe their mother put them in different glasses to distinguish between the two when they were younger.  They did look identical, save for their voice and their gender.
“May I ask a personal question, Mr. Potter?” Gwyn asked.  Harry nodded.
“Is it true that you can speak Parseltongue?”

“Well…  I used to be able to.  It’s difficult to explain, complex magic and all that.”
“Try me.” Gwyn said, not seeming amused by Harry’s apparent condescension.  Harry sighed.
“Voldemort, on the night that he came to kill me, had to go through my parents first.  Neither of them would let him to me.  He killed both of them.  But my mother sacrificed herself.  She threw herself in front of Voldemort’s curse.

“When she did that, she gave me powerful magical protection.  So when he tried to kill me, the curse rebounded, and hit him instead.  But because of his Horcruxes, he couldn’t die.  Furthermore, his soul was so unstable from creating so many Horcruxes, that in that moment of intense evil, his soul fractured, and he created a new Horcrux without even realizing it.  The piece of his soul latched onto me.  That’s what gave me the ability to speak to snakes, since Voldemort could.

“But then, seventeen years later, approximately, I had my second to last battle with Voldemort, and he thought he killed me.  But what he really killed was the last Horcrux of his, which was inside of me.  So, now…  No, I can’t speak to snakes.  Don’t ask me to explain Horcruxes.  I won’t do it.  It’s a vile process that I’ll have no part of, even if I knew the spell to make one, which I don’t.”

“Okay…  I think I understand.  You’re right.  It’s very complex magic.  But I get it.  As it happens, I don’t want to know how to make Horcruxes.  It sounds perfectly sickening to make one.”
“May I ask a question, Mr. Potter?” Tristan asked.  Harry nodded.  These were very inquisitive twins.

“Is it true that you were the youngest Seeker in Hogwarts history?”
“Ah, yeah, well…  That’s…  True.”
“Amazing! I’m a Chaser! My sister never had much of an aptitude for Quidditch.  She’s…  In the dueling club, potions club, the Slug Club, Charms Club, and in Professor Flitwick’s Chorus, she’s a violinist, and plays a little bit of guitar.”

“You’re a Chaser? Back when I was in Hogwarts, a pair of twins were the Chasers on the Gryffindor team.  Fred and George Weasley.”
“You mean from Weasley Wizard Wheezes?” Tristan asked.  Harry nodded.
“I love that shop.  You knew them personally?”

“I know the whole family.”
“Alright, the rest of the kids are coming in.  Time to settle down.  Alright, welcome, class.  We have a special guest today from the Ministry of Magic.  He’s an Auror, Harry Potter.  Remember, next year are your O.W.Ls.  So, if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask Mr. Potter about it.”

“Mr. Potter, what were your O.W.Ls like?” A bespectacled girl with jet black hair and bright blue eyes from the back asked.  She looked like she was from Slytherin.
“What’s your name?”
“Andromea Sylvani…  Slytherin.”

“Well, Miss Sylvani, my O.W.Ls were a little different from what yours will probably be like.  Our school was under the tyrannical reign of Dolores Umbridge.  Anything we wanted to learn, we had to teach ourselves.  We made Dumbledore’s Army to learn practical Defense against the Dark Arts.  I did alright on my O.W.Ls.  I managed to get into N.E.W.T Potions and other classes to become an Auror.”

“Didn’t you skip your seventh year?” Another student asked.  Harry nodded.
“Yes.  I didn’t want to.  But I knew that we had to destroy Voldemort once and for all.  Hermione was the only one of the three of us who went back to Hogwarts after the war ended.”
“Why didn’t you go back?”

“Well… I didn’t feel comfortable going back.  I’d gotten over my famous stint in Hogwarts after second or third year for the most part.  Second year, people were afraid that I was the Heir of Slytherin.  Fourth year, I got an undeserved reputation when I was entered against my will in the Triwizard Tournament.  Fifth year, I was singled out…  Forgive me, for persecution…  By the Ministry.  Seventh year, if I had gone back, would have been even more unbearable than my First Year.

“People would have treated me like a hero again.  So, I just accepted the job as an Auror, and started working.  And, well, I think I made the right choice.”
“You didn’t want to be treated like a hero? But you were a hero? You still are.  The greatest hero in the wizarding world!” A strawberry blonde haired boy said excitedly.

“I prefer to be just Harry, honestly.  Any other questions?”
“Are you single?” A brown haired, hazel eyed fourth year in the back.
“Come on, Maisie…  Keep it appropriate.” Professor Evlematz said sternly.  Apologies, Mr. Potter.”
“Oh, that’s alright.  Any other questions?”

The classes went like this for the rest of the day, until finally, the final class of the day ended, and Harry started to walk out.  Professor Evlematz stopped him, though.
“Do you think you could stay for a little while? Just until dinnertime.  You can have dinner here if you like, but I think it would benefit certain students if you would answer a few more questions during my office hours.”

“Sorry…  I promised I’d have dinner with my girlfriend.  I really should have been home almost thirty minutes ago.” Harry said regretfully.  He was looking forward to dinner with Luna, but he really did want to do all that he could to help the students.  Regardless, he hurried through the halls toward the front doors.  About halfway there, he was accosted, though, by Rhiannon, who smiled nervously at Harry, handing him a small note.

“Please don’t open it here…  Take it home with you…  I-If you want to…  Or you could…”
“Thank you.  That’s very nice of you.” Harry said, smiling at Rhiannon and turning to continue to the outside of the Hogwarts boundaries, where he could apparate.  Hogwarts had spells that prevented apparition, and for good reason.  If one could simply apparate in and out of Hogwarts, there would be no safety.  Malfoy had discovered a way to get in without using the front gates.

The Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement allowed him to bring Death Eaters into Hogwarts.  He changed his position later.  But it led to a tragic outcome for Hogwarts.  The Cabinet was destroyed by Fiendfyre, though Harry was sure that there were other inconspicuous ways into the castle.  As he went outside the front gates, he quickly disapparated and reappeared in front of Grimmauld Place, going inside and smelling dinner already being cooked, presumably by Kreacher.

“Good evening, Master…  Miss Lovegood is already here and awaiting your company.” Kreacher said deferentially, bowing to Harry.
“Thank you, Kreacher.  Dinner smells great.  It’s almost ready?”
“Yes, Master.  It will be done in a few minutes.  Kreacher apologizes for the delay.  He wanted to have it ready when Master got home from his day, but he was delayed by unforeseen circumstances.”

“No problem.  I look forward to seeing what you’ve cooked up.” Harry said, heading into the sitting room and kissing Luna gently on the lips, sitting down next to her.
“Hello, Harry…  How was your day? Did you enjoy being back at Hogwarts?”
“Yes.  The students were just the same as I was when I was their age.” Harry said, slightly distracted as he opened the letter to him.

“Oh, what’s that, Harry?” Luna asked.  Harry shrugged.
“I’m not sure.  A young female student gave it to me.”
“Ah, a love letter, then.  As I remember, Ginny sent you one in your second year of Hogwarts.  It was quite good.  

“His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad
“His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
“I wish he was mine, he’s really divine
“The hero who conquered the Dark Lord,” Luna said in her sing-song voice.

“I couldn’t have said it better, myself.” Luna said.  Harry sighed, opening the letter.  This one was less of a poem, and more of an actual letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I know how much older you are than me.  But, you’re my hero.  My parents are Muggles.  As far as I know, I’m the first witch in my entire family line, though I can’t say for certain.  Odd circumstances seem to surround my younger brother as well occasionally.  I know of your exploits, and your heroic battle against He Who Must Not Be Named.  You saved the entire wizarding world, and as embarrassing as it is, I love you.  My entire family owes you their lives.

I know that you could probably have any woman you want, but maybe we could just be friends? Please feel free to reply to me if you have the time.  I would enjoy corresponding with you.  Thank you.


Rhiannon Blagden

“That’s very sweet.  You should respond to her letter forthwith.” Luna said.  Harry nodded, sitting down just as Kreacher finished cooking, and started bringing out the trays using magic.
“Here is Master’s and his lovely guest’s meal…” Kreacher said, bowing as he placed the trays on the table.  Harry smiled.

“Thank you, Kreacher…” Luna said kindly.  Harry thanked him as well as Kreacher bowed again, and disappeared from the room without a trace.  Harry took some food from each tray, and put it on his plate.
“So, Harry…  How was your day? I mean besides the love note.” Luna asked.  Harry sighed.
“Well…  It was a long day…  Standing in front of a class all day.  I could have been the professor, myself.  It was exhausting, but a day well spent.”

“That’s good.  I managed to get some more data on the Mamlah.  It has some small weak spots.  I drew a picture of it.” Luna said, taking out a pad of paper, and showing Harry with, Harry noticed, a fair amount of pride, pictures of the Mamlah from various angles.  It had a long segmented tail that allowed for great flexibility and speed with which to sting enemies or simply crush smaller creatures, huge claws on its four legs, and incredibly thick armor that would be all but immune to magic.

However, as Luna noted, it had a weak spot right on its stomach, and a “crack” in its armor, which was more like a space between armor plates on the back of its neck.  The neck needed segmented armor to be able to move.  This led to a slight weak spot when its neck was fully extended, or when it turned its head.  There were also a few segmented armor plates on its back, which allowed, when it was in a certain position, to strike the Mamlah with magic.

However, the magic would have to be very accurate, and very strong.  A simple Reductor Curse would not do it.  It would hurt, but not do any severe damage.  Luna had clearly been studying the Mamlah for a very long time, even before she and he started dating.  It was a thing of beauty, really, the Mamlah.  It was a predator, with curved spikes on its back which partially obfuscated the cracks in its armor.  However, there was no reason to believe that a strike to the back of its neck wouldn’t hurt.

However, it was incalculably strong, so no normal spell would make it weak enough to capture.  Hermione might know a few spells that could weaken it.
“I attempted to injure it today.  I put it in a situation where its leg got caught in a dragon trap.  The trap would amputate the leg of any normal creature.  However, the Mamlah’s muscles and bones are so dense that it injured it, and made it weaker, but didn’t stop it.

“The Mamlah bit the trap in key spots, indicating relative intelligence, and continued walking, despite having a limp.  It seems to have a certain level of regeneration.  The regeneration allowed it to heal within an hour what would have taken days or weeks for a normal creature.  Fortunately for it, there are no natural predators that could hurt it…  Well, maybe a fully grown giant, or a dragon with its fire breath.  But no normal creatures.

“I worry that it will overrun the local populations of animals.  It seems to have a massive appetite to go with its powerful abilities.  I’ve seen it eat three deer in a single meal.  At the rate it’s going, it could wipe out an entire population with no trouble.  Fortunately, after it did that, it would starve to death.  But then it would pose a threat to people, Wizards and Muggles alike.  We need to meet this April Hayley.  You may have to arrest her, and we need to get all her notes.  

“Of course, you don’t need to bring me, but when you find her, do get all of her notes on her magical breeding.  She may have other creatures that can pose a threat to the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.”
“Of course.  I’ll set on it first thing tomorrow.  I’m sure that the Minister would want to deal with this sooner rather than later.  Maybe a Magizoologist would be helpful in this case.  You could handle any dangerous animals safely and effectively.”

“I’ll gladly go with you.  I’ve dedicated most of the month to further studying the Mamlah to discover any weak points that someone could exploit.”
“Good.  We’ll go tomorrow.” Harry said, resolving to talk to Shacklebolt about it first thing the next day.
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