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In one of the latest episodes, The Darkest Plight, of the 2012 TMNT, Shredder’s mutagenic transformation is complete, and he comes back for revenge as a monster both inside and out.  However, he still shows that he is much more complex than his position as the main villain would otherwise suggest, and continues to make him a very interesting character.

For all his evil and hatred, I truly do not believe that Shredder is beyond redemption.  Although he portrays himself as a monster with his behaviour and his tendency to blame anyone but himself for his failures, he seems to, in his own obsessive and insane way, love Karai.  During the episode, Karai begs Shredder not to kill Leonardo, to “do something good for once in his life.”  This seems to reach him, and he begs her for her forgiveness, begs her to call him “father” rather than Saki.

Now, in a way, this makes sense.  He had fallen as far as anyone possibly could.  He destroyed all the bridges with everyone who ever loved him.  He was arguably completely alone.  Although he has his minions, Shredder is an intelligent, if deeply deluded man, and he knows that they fear and respect him, but they don’t love him.  

The last person who loved him was Karai, and she left him, too.  Even the supposedly last resort of the mutagen had failed him, and he was discovering in the very worst of ways how incredibly fickle the Mutagenic transformations can be, especially when he uses it in ways it wasn’t intended for.

His body had begun to fail him once, and he saved it with another injection of mutagen.  He knew that it wouldn’t last forever, though.  He was afraid.  He was desperate, and in that moment, Karai’s plea for him to do right by others reached him, and he begged her for her forgiveness, again, in his own way, he was seeking a form of redemption.

But Karai then used that moment to attack his heart.  And again, nobody can blame her.  Shredder has proven if nothing else that he can’t be trusted as far as he can be thrown…  And with that armour of his, that’s not very far.  So she hit his weak point, his heart, and damaged him severely enough that his minions had to swoop in and spirit him away to heal him once more.

Now, I can’t predict future episodes, but I look forward to seeing what happens between all of them, especially Karai and the Super Shredder in the future.  Will his redemption still be possible? Was it possible in the first place? How will he react when next he sees Karai? All questions I look forward to having answered.
Pokefan11111 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
There is no redemption for Shredder.  Shredder has no redeemable traits whatsoever.  Even his mutation has driven him more insane then before.  Yes, he does seem to love Karai, but you've said it yourself, it's twisted, corrupt, perverted.  Even his love for Karai isn't genuine, because it isn't true love.  Love requires sacrifice.  It requires putting others needs before your own, and Shredder has never done that for Karai.  He has always put his own needs before her own.  He didn't raise her selflessly, he raised her to use her against her true father.  He raised her solely to use her to break Splinter's heart.

And the biggest piece of evidence to support this is the season 4 finale.  April told Shredder that if the world is destroyed, then Karai will die, and if he has any love for her, then he should join the turtles and save the world for her.  But when Shredder stabbed Splinter when he went to stop the black hole device, dooming the world to oblivion, he proved that he considers his vendetta with Splinter far more important then Karai.

Shredder doesn't love Miwa, he obsesses over her.  He sees her as a piece of property that he can use in whatever way he wants.  To him, she's nothing but a trophy.  He took her away to not only possess her, but to ensure Yoshi doesn't possess her.  He didn't let Yoshi keep her because that would make Yoshi happy, and Shredder has dedicated his life on making Splinter as miserable as possible.

She was playing with love, she was playing with an obsession.  She was manipulating with Shredder's obsession over her.

And you know how much of a manipulative, dishonest liar Shredder has been to Miwa.  I believe she saw right through his deception when he seemed to beg for her forgiveness.
ErichZannIII Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Shredder is a monster, and from a meta-series perspective, there's one very solid reason that he'll never be redeemed.  The mere fact that he is the primary antagonist of the series.  The show relies on the fact that he must remain evil.  Just like in Gilligan's Island, where the show would end if they escaped, TMNT would essentially be over if Shredder were ever redeemed.

However, we have to look at this from a different perspective.  Shredder wasn't always a monster.  He was raised as Yoshi's brother, and although they were rivals in most everything they did, they were also good friends.  They loved each other.  It wasn't until Tang Shen came into their collective lives that he began to darken.  This indicates that he was not born a monster, but became one through the most human of emotions.  Envy.  Jealousy.  He wanted what he could not have, and that turned him into a cruel monster.

His love for Karai was perverted by his hatred for Yoshi.  I'm aware of this, and it coloured every interaction the Shredder ever had with Karai.  However, although one can't become good just from one act, I think we can't simply make it so cut and dry as "he was manipulating her".  We have to remember that his ability to think clearly was hampered badly by the damage that the mutagen was doing to his mind, so attempting manipulation would be difficult for him.

The mutagen made him physically powerful, and able to overwhelm most foes with sheer strength, but mentally, it was destroying him, and still is.  I doubt that he'll be anything more than a raving beast in the near future, if a very powerful and dangerous one.  His obsession with Splinter, and his desire to hurt him did colour everything that he did, including to and for Karai.  But fear and pain can make people do or attempt things they never would otherwise.  After all, the jealousy he felt turned him into the monster we now know.  Why couldn't fear of dying completely alone make him want to make amends. 

But yes, from a strictly practical point, you're right.  Shredder cannot be redeemed because if he was, then the show would lack a substantial villain.  True, there would be the Kraang, but they don't have the same ability to inspire terror that the Shredder does.  I actually wrote a Deviation on that point as well.  In my opinion, the Shredder is the true villain of the series.  The Kraang, while dangerous, can never fill the same role as the Shredder does.
Why Shredder is more frightening than the KraangI have to admit, in the Ninja Turtles fanfiction that I'm writing right now, I had a lot of fun with the way the Kraang spoke.
I am having the sentiment known as fun with the speech that is the speech of the alien race known as the alien race of Kraang.  It causes me to laugh in the way known as the laughing out loud.
As you can see, the Kraang, far from being frightening, or even slightly disconcerting, are hilarious.  I know the Kraang are supposed to be some of the main villains in the series.  But I contend that the Shredder is truly the most terrifying character in the show.  If you watched the most recent episode, you'll understand what I mean.
I won't spoil anything, but Shredder has done some truly terrifying things, and because he's human, he's far more culpable for his actions than the Kraang are.  The Shredder obsessed over Splinter's wife, he murdered Splinter's wife, almost killed Splinter.
He kidnapped Miwa and renamed her Karai, raised her to hat
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