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Chapter Five

“I have a job, tonight, Rock, so I have to get going, soon to prepare.” Frederica said in her tinny, mechanical voice.  Rock nodded.
“What kind of job is it?” He asked.  Frederica seemed hesitant for a moment.
“It’s a job for Balalaika.  I am not certain what exactly the job entails, but I can only assume that it includes intimidation, murder, or a similar purpose.  I excel at such jobs, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”

“Okay.  Please don’t kill the person, though.” Rock said.  He knew that he couldn’t really ask that of her.  That was just what she did.  That was her job, to kill people in gruesome and inventive ways to send a message.  Sawyer sighed.  It was a grating, rasping sound.
“You know I cannot promise that.  If Balalaika orders me to kill this person, then I must kill them.  You are free to come with us.  Balalaika said that I could bring you if I wanted.”

“Thank you, but I think I’ll pass.  I wouldn’t be much good.  I’m on crutches.”
“I understand.  I will tell you what happens as soon as I can.  I honestly don’t want to kill the person, either.  I have nothing against them.  But, they stole from one of Balalaika’s subordinates.  She can’t just let that go.”

“I see.  Well, a job is a job.  I’ve probably done worse things than intimidate some low level hoodlum.  As long as you’re getting paid, right?”
“Right.  I am glad that you understand.” Sawyer said, kissing Rock and heading back to her apartment.  They would be getting more news on the job soon.

"Are you certain that this is where she lives, Shenhua?" Balalaika asked. Shenhua nodded.
"Yes. I walk her home other day, yes I did." She said, taking out a tiny knife and picking the six locks on the door, opening it without making a sound. As they walked in, they came across a tabby cat.

"Shenhua... Kill the cat. Don't worry about it being bloody. A lesson needs to be learned." Balalaika said coldly. Shenhua nodded, moving silently behind the cat and slicing its tail off first. It would have cried, but the scream died in its mouth when Shenhua bent down and slit its throat as well.

"Are there any other pets in the house?" Balalaika asked. Yolanda, Sawyer, and Shenhua spread out and found a fish tank with some exotic fish in it.
"Hmm... These are expensive fish. None of them could have cost less than 1,000 dollars." Yolanda said gently, taking a jug of bleach and pouring it into the water, watching for the minute and a half that it took for the fish to die and rise to the surface of the tank.

Frederica found two small dogs. Both of them seemed happy to see her. They ran up to her, licking her hand as she offered it to them. She smiled, feeling bad that she had to kill these dogs. They hadn't done anything wrong, but business was business, and she was being paid 1,000 dollars for this tiny job. How could she refuse? She had only been asked not to kill the woman.  Nothing had been said by Rock about pets.

"I am sorry, dogs. But this is just business." She said, twisting one dog's neck and breaking it. The dog yelped in death, and fell to the floor. Frederica looked into the other dog's eyes, calming it briefly, before lifting it up and filling the sink with water, and pushing the dog's head under. The dog thrashed and cried, though its screams were unheard due to the water. Finally, it went still, and Frederica continued holding it under until it stopped breathing. Checking its heartbeat, she found it to be dead.

"Good. Any other pets?" Balalaika asked. Yolanda and Frederica continued to look around, and found a snake, a bird and a rabbit. This woman really loved her pets. She had probably stolen most of them, as she didn't seem wealthy enough to buy most of them. The snake was of Asian descent, the bird was from Africa, and the rabbit seemed like it might have been from anywhere.  This was especially true since the apartment she lived in was kind of a dumpy place, even for Roanapur.

Balalaika took out some pellets and fed them to the rabbit, watching dispassionately as it ate them, then began to gag and choke. Finally, it vomited blood and fell over, clearly dead. She then took a silencer and put it on her pistol and shot the bird, and put the snake in the freezer where it couldn't escape.

"Good. Now, Frederica. It's your turn. We need to alert Miss Stanford of our presence." Balalaika said with a maniacal grin.
"Yes." She said, taking out her chainsaw and revving it into life.

Upstairs, the roaring of the chainsaw woke Anita, who jumped out of bed, grabbing her glasses and her handgun and running downstairs. She had very little training with guns. Most of her skill was in hand-to-hand combat, and she was only a red belt in Karate. But she would have to make do. There was a good chance that these were just petty thieves, like her, looking to make a quick buck.

"P-p-put your hands up! NOW!" Anita stammered, holding the crew at gunpoint. Balalaika laughed at this.
"How cute. A young gunslinger. Perhaps she has more spirit than I thought."
Anita fired the gun four times, but all four were blocked by Frederica, who swung her chainsaw with the practiced ease of someone far out of Anita's league.

"W-what do you want!?"
"I... Can answer that. Look around you.  Your two dogs, your cat, your snake, your bird, and your rabbit… Are all dead. We could take you next. Miss Sawyer has been given full discretion as to how to kill you should I order it. However… Before you go thinking we're slavering monsters with nothing on our minds but murder, consider how you look to us.

"You took some things from one of my Komrades. They were very important to him. And now, you're going to return it, and if you're quick about it, you may live to see tomorrow. We don't really want to kill you. You're extremely pregnant, and it would be a crying shame to murder a child before it was even born. But, I'm going to need you to return the items you stole immediately."

"W-w-what was it I stole? I-I steal a lot of things... N-n-nobody suspects a pregnant woman of anything, so I can usually steal without anyone n-noticing."
"A silver picture frame, a gold charm for a necklace and a silver lighter with the Soviet Union symbol on it. Hopefully you haven't… Pawned them just yet?"

"N-n-no, ma'am!" Anita replied, hurrying upstairs and returning a few minutes later with the three items, handing them to Balalaika, and hoping that she wouldn't decide to kill her just because she wasn't fast enough.
"Hm... Very good. Now, let me make something very clear to you. If you ever cross Hotel Moscow again, you'll have to watch as your innards are torn out by Miss Sawyer here. Do we understand each other?"

"Y-y-yes, Ma'am!!"
"Good, then we're done, here." Balalaika said, showing an unusually whimsical side of herself.
"W-wait... W-we are?"

"Yes, completely done. Keep our warning in mind, and enjoy the rest of your night." Balalaika said with a smile, heading out as Sawyer shut down her chainsaw and followed suit, along with the rest of the crew.
“Well? You get you ass back to bed, yes you do! I not here on fanny call, no!” Shenhua shouted critically as Anita turned tail and ran upstairs.  She knew that she wasn’t going to be getting any sleep for the rest of the night.

It would probably be pointless, but she needed to upgrade her security system.  She knew that nobody would care if her alarm went off.  But she needed to set up some traps in the doorway. Or something like that.

“Should we clean up the animals? They won’t do her much good.” Sawyer said.  Balalaika shook her head, grinning.
“No.  In fact, I think we need to leave them in places where we know she’ll find them at the worst possible times.  Hm…  Shenhua, check the snake in the freezer.  We’ve been here for more than an hour, I suspect it will be dead by now.  If not, fill the sink with hot water, and submerge it.”

“Ooh, snake very tough one, yes it is!” Shenhua said, taking it out and stroking it under the chin to approving hisses from the snake.
“I sorry, Mister Snake, yes I am.  But boss lady say I must kill you.  I could take home instead, Balalaika?”
“Not a chance, Shenhua.  I won’t have anything to do with snakes.” Sawyer said with a grimace.

Shenhua shrugged and finished filling the sink, and pushed the snake under, making sure to hold its mouth shut so that it couldn’t bite her, and holding it for a minute and a half until it stopped breathing, and taking it out.
“Where I should put it now?”

“Hmm…  Put it in the refrigerator.  Sawyer, put the bird back in the bird cage.  Yolanda, put the dogs on the couch, if you would.  Let’s see…  I’ll put the cat…  On her bookshelf.”
“And the rabbit?” Yolanda asked.  Balalaika thought for a moment.
“Shenhua, cut up the rabbit and throw the pieces anywhere.” The leader of the Russian mafia said with a grim smile.  

Shenhua laughed and started cutting up the rabbit very meticulously, taking a particularly sharp knife and skinning it, hanging the still wet, bleeding fur on the window, and taking out a frying pan, and removing some butter from the refrigerator, ignoring the snake and cutting several pieces of butter, throwing them on the skillet, turning on the heat to high until the butter sizzled and throwing strips of rabbit on the skillet, cooking it skillfully, occasionally throwing on some herbs and spices.

After about an hour, she removed the rabbit strips and put them in a Tupperware container and writing out a note in English that she had made breakfast for Anita.
“Ahaha…  You really do have a mean streak, don’t you, Miss Shenhua?” Yolanda asked.  Shenhua smirked and cleaned the dishes, putting them away.

“Let’s go.  Leave the blood on the floor, Sawyer.  It will be a good reminder to her when she’s cleaning up dried blood stains from the carpet.” Balalaika said, striding out of the home, locking the door behind them.

“AAAAAGGHHH!!!” Anita shrieked as she opened the refrigerator and found the fried strips of rabbit and her dead snake.  Already, this was the second time her heart got set racing.  She could have gotten past the blood on the carpet, but then the dead dogs on the couch, and the snake and strips of rabbit in the refrigerator…  These women were just insane.  The bird, she was less shocked by, simply because it had been the third time.  

But seeing her snake practically boiled in the refrigerator and fried rabbit really took all the dwindling energy that remained out of her.  She didn’t even have the energy now to make herself breakfast.  But she couldn’t eat Hecate.  She would have to cremate all of her pets.  Burying them just seemed too religious.  She had been an Atheist ever since she entered middle school.  For some reason, though, that chainsaw wielding woman was really pretty.

She had an ultravoice, but something about her was just really attractive.  She sort of wanted to find her again.  She had a boyfriend in America, but…  He was such a jerk.  She just couldn’t bring herself to abort the baby.  But she needed to get out of the country, so she went to a place where she could steal without penalty.  Unfortunately, she hadn’t quite gotten the hang of the pecking order in Roanapur.  

She was a pretty accomplished thief, but she needed to get used to the way things worked in this city of thieves, murderers and lowlifes.  Maybe she could get in contact with this woman that the women had called Sawyer.  There was no guarantee that she would be interested, and honestly…  There was no guarantee that Anita wouldn’t be torn apart by Sawyer’s chainsaw.  Still, it couldn’t hurt to try.

A/N: This is the beginning of the subplot of my story.  Actually, this subplot was commissioned by another Deviant who asked me not to mention his name.  I hope that you enjoy.
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