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After Dark Anime Theories
Dark Anime Theory #1: What if the whole of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a mere fantasy world concocted by the main character, Kyon? In real life, Kyon is just a mentally ill young man and he was taken out of school because of his mental illness and put in a hospital.  
Yuki is the shy, introverted and reclusive bookworm that Kyon secretly had a crush on.  Koizumi was the polite and friendly rich boy that seemed smug and obnoxious simply due to his high breeding.  Haruhi was extremely attractive and talented Chuunibyou that tended to drag everyone around her into her delusions, and Asahina was the shy but extremely attractive upperclassman that every boy wanted.  
The rest of them fall into varying places in Kyon's fantasy world, and now, all Kyon has are his warped memories of them and his school life as he receives treatment at a psychiatric hospital.
Mind blown.
Dark Anime Theory #2: Following up on #1, what if the real world for Kyon was the world that t
:iconerichzanniii:ErichZannIII 0 7
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Wild Magic Chapter Eight :iconerichzanniii:ErichZannIII 0 0
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This is breathtaking. The skill that went into this must have been incredible. I'm more of a writer, myself, so artistry like this gene...

I'm very impressed. The angel that you've drawn really leaps off the page at me. I love it. I have to say that it bears a slight resemb...

This is an incredibly beautiful picture. I love the idea of Elsa being in a snow globe. I never would have thought of that. It is so be...

This is a gorgeous picture... Truly breathtaking. I look at the bio-luminescent plants and the glowing water, and of course the woman o...


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Okay, so, if you reached this Deviation thinking that there wouldn’t be any spoilers, you’re going to be disappointed.  This goes over the implications of said spoilers.  Thus, if you have not seen the most recent episodes of the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I advise you to leave this page, watch them, then come back if you like.

Okay, here we go.  Now, in the most recent episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Turtles have lost Splinter, and they plan to finally destroy Shredder.  However, Karai is injured from their last encounter with the insane in the membrane Shredder.  It’s my opinion that the Mutagen, as relatively perfect as it is, is wreaking havoc on Shredder’s mind.  What do you expect from a mutagenic substance, right?

As a result, Shredder’s attacks have become more and more violent, and he is no longer even worrying about harming Karai, the one he has been moving mountains to try to get back, the one he was willing to mutate himself to reattain.  Now, I’m not claiming in any sense of the word that Shredder ever had a healthy relationship with Karai.

Karai was a number of things to Shredder.  She was an extension of himself, she was a tool for revenge against Splinter, and a psychological weapon against him.  She was a substitute for Karai’s mother, Tang Shen.  She was a means to stroke his ego.  After all, she was the only person who truly loved and respected Shredder.  The rest of his minions are terrified of Shredder, they idolize him as an avatar of strength, power and destruction, and they fear him.

But they don’t love him like Karai used to.  But, in his mutated state, as obsessed as he was with getting her back, he was willing, it seemed to kill her in his vendetta against Splinter.  But I’ve rambled a bit.  Shredder is dead, now.  So, where does the series go from here? Is it over? Was this only ever going to be four seasons long? There are a number of other plot threads that need to be followed up on.

What happened with the Kraang? As ineffectual as they are as villains, they’re still a major part of the plot.  What do Shredder’s minions do, now that their master has been killed? Are they planning to form their own criminal enterprises in the city? Form their own criminal empires in the vacuum that exists where Shredder once ruled? Furthermore, what about the Triceratons? I can’t imagine for the life of me that they would just give up.  They’ll be back…  Or so I assume.

But without the Shredder as the primary villain, who will fill that vacuum? Who will be the new Shredder, so to speak? Who will fill the role of the main enemy for the Turtles, and how are they going to create an enemy more powerful than Shredder? That fucker kicked a Triceraton’s ass.  But again, I ramble slightly.  Here’s my theory.

Shredder’s not gone.  After all, it’s been shown that he has a major resistance to fatal injury, now that he’s been mutated to be fused with his armor.  His bones are now made of steel, and he survived a several hundred foot drop and wasn’t even killed by the garbage crusher in a garbage truck.  So how far-fetched is it to think that he may have some level of regeneration that would avail him in life threatening situations?

If that’s the case, and I think it might be, he’ll be back, and bigger and badder than ever.


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Okay... I'm 26 years old, and am deeply interested in fanfiction, vampires, werewolves and zombies (not weird ass sparkly shit Vampire wannabes), writing, Dungeons and Dragons. Ladies, I'm single, as if any more needs to be said. I also like taking pictures, although I'm not that great at it, my photos are passable.
I like people who are polite and respectful, and although rude people annoy me, I can handle them. It's stupid people and arrogant people who treat others like they're stupid that really piss me off. I'm not aggressive or confrontational (for the most part) and I generally expect others to be the same way towards me. If not, I don't have time for you. I get enough jerks at my job. I don't need them on my free time as well.…



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Have you read the book? The book doesn't have Wybourne in it.  He was added as a semi-romantic foil for Coraline in the movie, and as informative exposition, but he never existed in the book.  I feel like he wasn't really needed, but he was a fun character.  Did you also notice that as sassy and independent as Coraline was, she was also, again, forgive me.  Kind of a bitch in the beginning.  She was just kind of a mean person in the beginning of the movie, to Wybie, to her parents.  The movie was as much about Coraline learning that it wasn't all about her as it was about her learning to appreciate what she had.
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