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Chapter Six

"Muzaka…" Raizel said.  Muzaka looked up from the fight he had been just about to get in, and started upon seeing Raizel and Raskreia standing there, both dressed up for the evening, both looking particularly annoyed to be here.  Muzaka sighed.
"I can handle this Raizel…  This is a family matter.  You and the Lord needn't be here."

"But I cannot allow you to let harm come to humans.  Your powers are too destructive.  You would reduce this park to ashes."
"Not against this guy.  I don't need to use even a tenth of my power to beat him.  This man is a young werewolf, not even as old as Miss Artemis.  How old are you, young man?"

"What's it to you? Old enough and powerful enough to kill a traitor such as yourself!" The werewolf growled.
"You've been modified…  Extensively.  Your aura may be much more powerful than average, but…  Given your ungainly gait, I'm guessing you can't be older than 150.  Am I right?"
"I-I'm 132 years old." The modified Werewolf said, moving into a fighting stance.

"Do you truly want to fight me? I don't want to fight you.  Did you know that Maduke, your current Lord tried to have me killed? He had my daughter assassinated to sent me into a rage so that the Noblesse would kill me before I could hurt any humans."
"LIAR!! The Lord is noble and courageous!! He could defeat you in single combat with ease!!"

"Are you joking? He's tried at least ten times.  Go, tell Maduke that I refuse to make peace with him, and that I'm coming for him.  I know what he did last summer…  Raizel, that's what humans say, right?" Muzaka asked cluelessly.  Raizel blinked, looking at Raskreia, who seemed just as clueless.  Didn't it happen over 800 years ago? Or was it a human euphemism for something?

"Regardless…  You've failed…  Leave, now." Muzaka demanded.  He wouldn't allow humans to be harmed by this Union agent.
"I was told that I didn't have that option.  Do you see this?" The agent asked, holding a large fang in his hand that was attached to a leather lace around his neck.

"It's a beautiful Werewolf fang." Muzaka said.
"Indeed.  It's believed to be the fang of the first Werewolf.  It was given to me by Maduke…  Supposedly, it possesses his aura, and will make me more powerful."
"You actually believe that? Werewolves don't have magical powers like Nobles do.  We don't have Soul Weapons.  If you're going to fight me, fight me.  If you're not, then leave." Muzaka laughed.

"Fine!" The upstart roared, transforming into his Werewolf form, and rushing Muzaka, who dodged, tripping him, twisting his arm and dislocating it.
"Are you done trying to do the impossible? I really don't want to kill you…  Especially not in front of the Noblesse."

"Ohh, what is the Noblesse to you? Your lover?" The young Werewolf taunted.  Muzaka merely laughed at this.
"No.  We're friends…  Close friends, perhaps…  But there's no romance between us.  I respect him deeply for his devotion to his job, and his friends.  Beyond that…  He's an interesting guy." Muzaka said, sidestepping, and grabbing the young Werewolf's arm, throwing him into a tree.

"You really are making this difficult for yourself.  You need to just quit while you're behind." Muzaka laughed.
"You're a monster!" The young man roared.
"Why don't you tell me your name? That way I can at least address you properly."

"Máni…  My father named me after the Norse god of the moon! He had great plans for me."
"Hm…  I can see that.  But, you really need to quit now, while you still have a head."
Máni snarled, looking at Muzaka, then turning his head to Raskreia and Raizel, just standing there.  

He grinned wildly, turning back into his Werewolf form, and ran at Raskreia, who looked at him, completely unconcerned, manifesting her Ragnarok and cutting Máni in half perfectly at the waist and cutting his head off in the same stroke.
"I apologize, Muzaka." Raskreia said.  Muzaka sighed.

"Best thing for him, really.  Sorry I ruined your anniversary."
"No need to apologize." Raizel said quietly, taking Raskreia's hand and continuing to walk through the park.  It was a gorgeous night.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the moon was full, and the stars were twinkling beautifully in the night sky.

Raizel pointed to the East.
"Do you see that red star?"
"Yes." Raskreia said quietly.

"That's Mars, a planet named after the Roman god of war and agriculture.  Frankenstein says there could be a number of real life figures responsible for the legend of Mars.  It's possible that the Ru Clan started the legends of Mars, given their combat prowess."
"Are all human deities based on Nobles?" Raskreia asked.  Raizel looked at her.

"I don't know.  It's possible.  Humans have a habit of taking what they don't understand and turning it into the legends that subsist even today.  The Elenor Clan was the inspiration for many legends of magic.  The Mergas Clan was the inspiration for knights.  Most human weapons are based on the Nobles' Soul Weapons, whether they know it or not." Raizel said softly, sighing and sitting down.

"Are you feeling tired?"
"Yes…" Raizel said quietly, surprising Raskreia with how forthright he was being.
"This world, fast-paced as it is, exhausts me.  I am just not used to the high speed nature of the modern age.  The children run around so energetically.  They never tire, and I sometimes wonder if their energy has any boundaries, or if they will simply continue to run and laugh and yell until their death."

"You are under no obligation to continue to go to school with them.  You do more for them than anyone can be expected to do.  You have protected them from the shadows.  You have saved them.  Your ceaseless vigil over them is impressive and admirable.  But even you cannot be expected to watch forever." Raskreia offered.  Raizel sighed.

"No.  I enjoy being with them.  The fact that they tire me does not stop me from enjoying their company." Raizel said, his tiredness obvious on his face.  He had modified himself so that he didn't need sleep.  But, these children seemed to overwhelm that.  He would need to talk about that with Frankenstein.
"I do not wish to see you so tired.  You are used to the slow paced world of the Nobles, not the breakneck world of humans.  Just be careful that you don't get hurt.

"The children's lives will go by in the blink of an eye…  With the exception of Han Shinwoo, all of them are normal humans.  They will live remarkably short lives, and die old and decrepit.  I don't wish to see you hurt by their deaths."
"You don't understand, Raskreia…" Raizel said sadly, a tear actually sliding down his cheek.

"Then help me to."
"The fact that they live such short lives makes their lives all the more beautiful and precious.  Our lives, if you can call them that, border on eternity, and are relegated to our Noblesse Oblige.  We gladly perform that duty, but a human's life is what they want it to be, not what it is expected to be.

"I envy that in them.  I gladly protect them, and will continue to protect them unto my death.  However, I wish that I was born a human sometimes, and could live a simpler life than the one that I have now."
"Are you not satisfied with your life as it is?" Raskreia asked, seeming worried that he wasn't happy dating her.

"That is not the case.  I merely am envious of the humans' freedom.  Although I don't condone the Union's behavior, their ability to innovate still amazes me."
"Do you believe that humans could have prospered without us in the ancient past?"

"It is difficult to say.  Humans are ingenious.  Their ability to innovate puts them head and shoulders above any other species on earth, including ourselves.  Werewolves and Nobles have always relied on our overwhelming power to overcome adversity.  They very well may have figured out a way to defeat their ancient enemies without our help.  They would not have advanced as quickly without us.  But, they would likely have advanced nonetheless."

"Perhaps I'm asking a strange question.  But, have you ever considered what would happen if a Noble and a Werewolf mated? Werewolves have the immense strength, and regeneration, in addition to immense aura.  Nobles lack that immense regeneration, but have the ability to hypnotize enemies, and other seemingly magical abilities.  I discovered copious piles of notes and theories on interspecies mating between Nobles, and generational changes that would result in the Tradio laboratories.

"Perhaps it is time for the two families, so to speak, to join together.  I'm certain that the Union is pondering the same thing.  The Union still has Ignes Kravei as a Noble, and possesses many powerful Nobles.  They could easily run experiments to that effect."
"Yes, Raizel?"

"You're rambling."
"O-oh! I-I guess I'm interested in the subject.  L-let's keep walking." Raskreia muttered shyly, blushing.  Raizel smiled, kissing Raskreia on the lips to stop her from talking.
"You're beautiful when you're flustered." Raizel said, taking her hand, standing up and walking with her through the park.

"Frankenstein…  I am feeling exhaustion of late."
Frankenstein gasped, and pulled out a chair for Raizel to sit down, rushing to the kitchen to get him some tea.  After coming back, and setting the tea and snacks in front of Raizel, he stood there, waiting for his master's permission.
"Please sit, Frankenstein."

"Thank you, Master." The blonde scientist said, sitting across from Raizel.
"Please elaborate on your exhaustion, if you would be so kind?" Frankenstein requested.  Raizel took his time, taking a sip of tea, and eating one of the cookies.
"I care about the children deeply.  But, their fast paced lifestyle is wearing on me.  They run everywhere.  They yell rather than talk.  They never seem to need to take a break.  It seems as though all humans share this trait."

"Humans are quite intent on getting where they are going, and sometimes forget to simply enjoy the journey.  I was like that when I was younger, always in a rush to discover, to innovate, to learn.  My life went by in a blur.  Until I met you.  They often don't realize until it is too late that they hurried through everything and didn't really take pleasure in any of it.  You could take some time off from school to rest and recover, if you like, Master.  It's not like you go to school out of obligation."

"Raskreia suggested the same thing.  I enjoy their company.  But I am worried that I am…  What humans call burning out."
"Master…  I really wish you would consider taking some time off from school.  I don't wish to see you get sick.  I know it's unlikely, given your powers.  But, they're largely untested, and you need to take it easy while you acclimate to them."

"This is what you want?" Raizel asked.  Frankenstein's eyes widened slightly.  Was his master relenting to his wishes?
"Yes, Master."
"Then I will stay home for a little while.  How long is considered appropriate?"

"I would suggest a week.  We will see how you feel at the end, and consider what to do from there."
"Thank you." Raizel said quietly.  Frankenstein smiled at his master.

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I've got a huge number of blank Cards Against Humanity cards.  For those who don't know, Cards Against Humanity is known as "a party game for horrible people.  It's sort of an evil version of Apples to Apples.

And... While I've filled out a number of them, I still could use suggestions for what I should put on the others. If you would all be kind enough to write out entries, and whether it's for a black or white card, I would appreciate it.

Really, any suggestions would be welcome.  Post them in the comment section.  White are for answers.  So, like a white card could be HP Fucking Lovecraft, and a Black card is a question card.  So like, My job?__________.  Always good to have your job be your hobby as well.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Okay... I'm 26 years old, and am deeply interested in fanfiction, vampires, werewolves and zombies (not weird ass sparkly shit Vampire wannabes), writing, Dungeons and Dragons. Ladies, I'm single, as if any more needs to be said. I also like taking pictures, although I'm not that great at it, my photos are passable.
I like people who are polite and respectful, and although rude people annoy me, I can handle them. It's stupid people and arrogant people who treat others like they're stupid that really piss me off. I'm not aggressive or confrontational (for the most part) and I generally expect others to be the same way towards me. If not, I don't have time for you. I get enough jerks at my job. I don't need them on my free time as well.…



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